A Spencer And Heidi Pratt Halloween Costume

I married my wonderful husband in June of 1990. Though I knew he was an ardent Dallas Cowboys fan, I had no idea how much of an impact his love of football would play into our marriage. I soon realized that I had a choice: I could either spend Sundays by myself (or with other football widows) and since we had only one television at the time, spend Mondays reading a book, or I could start watching football.

We’ve all seen Lady Gaga and her strange, unique sense of style. Just think about what she wore most recently at MTV’s Video Music Awards! She’s a perfect influence and inspiration for Halloween. As described in the article, you can dress up as a Lady Gaga vampire, Mummy Lady Gaga, or a Bloody Lady Gaga (like her performance wear at the recent VMAs).

However finding fun plus size kigurumi mask for sale in my size was no fun and easy chore. I used to shop at regular brick and mortar store, however the selection here was very limited. So once day I decided to search for over-sized costumes online, and looking back now, I am so glad I did. The amount of choice I came across was simply overwhelming! I was suddenly faced with a multitude of costume options, I could purchase a one different costume for the next 15 years!

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